Gay Commitment Ceremonies

Welcome to your Commitment- Gay Marriage Ceremony guide

The guide that will help you to create your own personalized and truly inspirational ceremony.... Ceremonies easily adapted for gay marriage.... a ceremony that will reflect your ideals, beliefs, true feelings, your hopes and desires for your future life together!

What is a Commitment Ceremony?

The Commitment Ceremony is a fulfilling and meaningful experience for all concerned. It is not only the union of two people but of two families and two communities of friends. It is the lifetime commitment of two people to each other, the equivalent of a marriage......this commitment may be part of a gay marriage in jurisdictions where this is lawful and recognised. The celebrant must make it clear, however, that it is not a marriage if the ceremony is held in a jurisdiction where same sex marriages are not recognized/allowed by law.

How do you go about choosing a ceremony?

Every aspect of the ceremony should reflect you (both), your thoughts and feelings, beliefs and ideals, hopes and desires for your future life together. The ceremony is therefore totally personalized to suit every aspect of your being. This collection of ceremonies, readings, rituals and traditions, music will provide the inspiration you need to decide exactly what it is you want to say to your loved one and to your family and friends.

Your ceremony could be....

Simple but sincere; more traditional ~ to include readings by a family member or guest; A ceremony with a splash of spirituality provided by candles and readings; A culturally rich ceremony with a ritual maybe; A ceremony to include children or to also recognize and acknowledge revered deceased relatives or friends? You may wish to have a theme flowing through your ceremony. Often the date of a significant anniversary is chosen for this ceremony. Intimate ceremonies with just a few guests conducted before a candle-lit dinner can be very emotive and just as special. from this do it yourself e-book.

I have done all the hard work for you! Compiled, ready for you to choose from........

6 complete commitment ceremonies complete with readings, vows and rituals, 40 additional readings, poetry, cultural traditions and rituals and music suggestions for you to ponder!

6 ceremonies for you to consider.....cut and paste......adapt to suit you

The ceremonies, additional readings, poetry and cultural rituals in this presentation have been designed for you to copy and paste, to add new material to or for you to adapt to suit your personal situation.

Plus a personal checklist

I also include a check-list and guide for you to ensure a stress free ceremony and celebration!.

A questionnaire is also provided to assist you in compiling a more personalized introduction.

Here Are the Ceremony Guidelines

Ceremonies have structure and if guidelines are followed a ceremony with interest, variation, good length and natural flow will be the end result.

The Introduction

A Reading

Giving Away

The Asking

The Vows,

Ring Ceremony

A Reading

The Declaration / Conclusion.

Signing of the Certificate

Presentation of Certificate to the couple

Presentation of the Couple to guests

That all sounds great, how does it all come together?

    1. Read and decide what you like and want, delete headings you don't want.

    2. Consider your questionnaire answers and make a little flowing narrative from them to include in the introduction.

    3. Copy material (and adapt) whatever you want to use.

    4. Include any of your own material

    5. Paste it all under your headings.

    6. Choose your font and print!

........and your ceremony is ready!

Here are some excerpts from the ceremonies.....

"..........met at a football match, passionately supporting opposite teams! But that’s another story I’m told! Time spent working in London together cemented their relationship. They suffered many bouts of homesickness, especially when they heard the plans of mutual friends to marry; a niece and a nephew were born and particularly when their respective football teams clashed or won important matches. I think you will find the colours worn today, and the colour of the flowers say it all…….passion!"

"The warmth from the honey mead is symbolic of the warmth of your love for each other and the growing bond between you. May the years bless you with good health, with happiness and with an appreciation always of your good fortune in each other. May the sweetness linger, over-riding the bitter passages in life........."

"".........If you have love in your life, It can make up for a great many things you lack. If you don’t have it, no matter what else there is, it is not enough".

"........I commit to focus on the positive. To consciously care for the well-being and health of our bodies and to keep myself vital and young at heart. I willingly hold this responsibility of commitment by remembering to be loving, forgiving and compassionate to myself, to you and to others..........."

“We also recognize that this candle was lit to represent those friends and family that could not be to celebrate with us, whether due to scheduling conflict or a conflict in beliefs. It is our hope to bring “light” to all people in our lives........”

"...........have chosen to have a simple ceremony this evening. They wish to make their own personal commitment here, in the park overlooking the river, where they often walked as university students, and among people with whom they have already spent much of their pasts and with whom they hope to share much of their future".

"....... after almost twelve years, you have come to the fateful realization that the glue that has kept your relationship together, is not only an enduring deep and sincere friendship, but it is also a deep and abiding love!"

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